The YMCA is for Youth Development.  What does that mean?  It's not an easy question to answer.  There are lots of ways to help youth in our community reach their full potentional.  Children in lower income families quickly fall behind in school compared to their middle income classmates.  Watch this video to see a dramatic repesentation of this achievement gap and than watch this video to see how the WBA YMCA Youth Devleopment staff is working with the children of Webster Elementary and Maple Pond Homes to overcome that gap.

The YMCA is also for Healthy Living.  Healthy Living looks different to everybody and it needs to be what works for you as an individual.  Watch this video to see how the Fitness staff at the WBA YMCA puts the "personal" back into personal training.

Finally, the YMCA is for Social Responsibility.  Social responsibility can be defined in many different ways.  One way might be to say that being socially responsible means helping take care of each other and teaching each other.  See how a small lesson from Swim Academy made a life and death difference to one family in this video.