Featured Alumni: Jorgen Hoff

Jorgen Hoff

Many of you have probably crossed paths with the Hoff clan in some way or another. Dedicated and passionate about Y Camping, they are present at many YMCA Camping Functions. This month our featured alumni is none other than Jorgen Hoff. Jorgen spent 9 years at Icaghowan as a camper in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Then followed it up with an 11 year stint on staff. Leading tons of different programs, and more Pioneer trips than you can count on one hand. Jorgen’s favorite camp memories include playing trench as a camper on Wilderness Unit Night, and his shadowing experience as a WLC. Jorgen currently resides in Duluth, MN and works as a Behavior Specialist at Traumatic Brain Institute. He loves getting out and playing sports, and getting out of civilization for time in nature whenever he gets a chance, as well as getting back to camp to help out on work weekends and for volunteer opportunities. If you see him around at functions, make sure to say “Hi”!