What is Emphasis Camp?

Camp Warren's traditional camp sessions allow campers to have four different activities a day. Campers who wish to narrow their focus in a particular program area may do so by registering for an emphasis camp. Horseback Riding, Archery, Sailing, Photography, Drama and Fishing are the six program areas where Warren campers are able to spend two activities a day fine tuning their skills in their “emphasis” program. The camp schedule is set up to allow campers four activities a day, each running an hour and fifteen minutes in length. Campers registered for an emphasis camp will spend two activities a day delving a bit deeper into the skills and knowledge surrounding their designated program. Emphasis campers spend their remaining two activity periods with the rest of camp and can choose from any of our

program areas


Traditional campers and emphasis campers are cabin mates and run on same daily schedule. The only difference in traditional and emphasis camp is the amount of time campers spend in each activity. Traditional campers are still able to sign up for the activities we have emphasis programs for, but they will have four different activities a day instead of three.

Sample Emphasis Camper Activity Schedule

  • First Activity (10:30-11:45): Arts and Crafts
  • Second Activity (1:45-3:00): Athletics
  • Third Activity (3:00-4:15): Sailing
  • Fourth Activity (4:15-5:30): Sailing

Sample Traditional Camper Activity Schedule

  • First Activity (10:30-11:45): Sailing
  • Second Activity (1:45-3:00): Ropes
  • Third Activity (3:00-4:15): Pottery
  • Fourth Activity (4:15-5:30): Archery

Campers will repeat this same schedule every day of their session. We design our activity lesson plans to integrate skill building in natural progression that helps allow campers to master their craft. Whether your camper is registered for an emphasis camp or traditional camp, they are sure to come home having learned something in a fun, safe environment.

Are you ready to sign your camper up for Warren? Online registration is available for all of our programs. Do you have more questions about camper schedules and emphasis programs? Call us at 763-479-1146 or email us.