Rock Climbing at Midwest Climbing Academy

Through a partnership with our friends over at Midwest Climbing Academy, we are excited to offer rock climbing opportunities to all interested teenagers.

Whether you are brand new to the sport of rock climbing or have been climbing for years, this is a great opportunity. For 2 hours, we will have the entire gym to ourselves – just a couple of YMCA Climbing Leaders, a couple of coaches from the Midwest Climbing Academy, and you!

The cost of the program includes all necessary gear, lots of instruction from professional climbing coaches, and 2 hours of climbing and fun with other YMCA campers and BOLD/GOLD participants.


  • November 12 and December 3
  • 1pm-3pm (Please plan to arrive by 12:45pm)
  • Cost is $24 per climber

Register online

Directions to Midwest Climbing Academy.

Please contact Rachel Schindler with any questions.

What is BOLD/GOLD?

Boys and Girls Outdoor Leadership Development is an outdoor education program designed to develop multi-cultural leadership skills in young men and women through challenging outdoor activities. 

Our canoeing expeditions provide an opportunity for teens from different economic, ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds to build leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. We use the wilderness as our classroom, as participants:

  • Learn how to persevere and practice resilience in the face of challenge.
  • Develop emotional intelligence by practicing caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in all their interactions with each group member.
  • Learn to work with peers of different backgrounds in an emotionally and physically safe environment.
  • Develop the multi-cultural leadership and communication skills needed to be successful in an increasingly globalized world.
  • Find personal success, be allies to others, be of service to their community, and feel needed and respected amongst their peers.

The BOLD/GOLD Vision

To create a world where young men and women have the emotional intelligence, courage, and compassion to be positive multi-cultural leaders in their communities.

No Experience Required

Participants in the BOLD/GOLD program do not need to have any prior experience in camping or canoeing. All that is needed is a desire to participate and an interest in trying something new.

Our Groups

Participants are encouraged to try the experience by themselves, but sometimes coming with a friend makes trying something new a little easier. If they would like to come with a friend, be sure that both participants request each other during the registration process.

Our average group size is six to seven total people – 4 or 5 campers and 2 counselors. All groups are single-gender and are based upon camper age.

Summer 2016 Schedule

8-day Session (5-day Canoe Trip) - $800

June 22-29 Menogyn
July 14-21 Menogyn
July 30 - August 6        Widji
August 16-23 Widji
August 18-25 Menogyn

10-day Session (7-day Canoe Trip) - $1000

August 18-27               Menogyn

11-day Session (7-day Canoe Trip) - $1100

June 16-26 Widji
July 1-11 Menogyn
July 5-15 Widji
July 25 - August 4        Menogyn

14-day Session (9-day Canoe Trip) - $1400

June 25 - July 8 Menogyn
July 25 - August 7 Menogyn
July 30 - August 12       Widji
August 9-22 Menogyn


Register Online

Or download the Registration form.


Campers should bring a bag lunch and water for the trip to Menogyn. On the return trip, the bus stops at the Amazing Grace Cafe in Duluth. Each camper gets a boxed lunch made by the caring folks at the cafe.

Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure or pickup.

Twin Cities Pickup/Drop-off—REI Outdoor Store

  • 750 W American Blvd., Bloomington, 55420. Located at 494 & Lyndale Ave. S. in Bloomington. (get directions)
  • Departs for Menogyn: 7:15 a.m. Please arrive by 7:00am to begin loading the bus.
  • Returns from Menogyn: 5–5:30 p.m. Please arrive at REI by 5:00pm. The bus will arrive as close to 5:00 as possible, depending on traffic conditions.

Forest Lake Pickup/Drop-off—Forest Lake Holiday Gas Station

  • Directions: From I-35, take exit 131 and go east on Hwy 2. The Holiday station is one block on the south side of Hwy. 2.
  • Departs for Menogyn: 8–8:30 a.m.
  • Returns from Menogyn: 4:15–5 p.m.

Duluth Pickup/Drop-off—Thompson Overlook Rest Area

  • Directions: From I-35 just south of Duluth, take exit 249/Boundary Ave. and follow the signs to the parking lot of the rest area.
  • Departs for Menogyn: 9:45–10:15 a.m.
  • Returns from Menogyn: 2:15–2:45 p.m.

*Please contact Kurt Simer regarding the Pickup/Drop-off location you would like to use. Please do so at least one week prior to your trip.

Forms for Camp Menogyn:

Please fill out and turn in the Health Exam Form and Health History Form as soon as possible.

Packing List
Parent Handbook

Our Programs:

All trips are run by either Camp Menogyn or Camp Widjiwagan. We offer 8-Day Sessions, 10-Day, 11-Day Sessions, and 14-Day Sessions.

Schedule for a 8-Day Session:

  • Day 1 - Bus departs at 7am or 8am. Drive to Camp. Meet your counselors and other group members. Spend the night at Camp.
  • Day 2 – Spend time preparing for your trip, organizing personal and group clothing and gear, packing all of the group’s food, and building relationships. Stay in a cabin at night.
  • Day 3 – Head out on your canoeing trip.
  • Day 4-6 – Continue canoeing and camping.
  • Day 7 – Return to the Camp property, clean and put away your gear. Have a celebratory dinner.
  • Day 8 – Return home on the bus.

The schedule for longer sessions looks the same, but with more days and nights on the canoe trip. 

Contact Us:

Kurt Simer
BOLD/GOLD Program Director
Phone: 612-465-0552