Specialty Camps

Develop a greater passion for the things you love, or try out something new at one of our specialty camps! At each of our specialty camps, day campers spend approximately two hours each day in their specialized activity. The remainder of the day is spent enjoying traditional camp activities.

Dragons, Fairies and Princesses Camp

Entering grades K – 2 in fall, 2017

Dragons, fairies, and princesses is a magical fairy tale-themed arts and crafts camp! Campers can let their imaginations soar as they make dragon and fairy wings, prince and princess crowns, wands, jewels, fairy tale puppets, costumes and more. Campers will also enjoy a special “tea party!”

Pirates Camp

Entering grades K – 2 in fall, 2017

Arrrrrgh! Young Buccaneers learn the swashbuckling lingo of pirates, play games like Capture the Pirate Flag, try their balancing skills as they walk the plank, go on treasure hunts, and (Shiver Me Timbers) a whole lot more! All in the “Honest Air” (sweet, pure air) of the great outdoors.

Super Hero Camp

Entering grades 1 – 3 in fall, 2017

BAM! POW! KAZAM! Kids think, dress, and act like superheroes while learning the values of caring, honesty, responsibility and respect! Kids bring their own superhero costume or make one at camp. Suiting up as their favorite superhero each day, they’ll explore their own super powers. Activities include super games, super crafts and super fun. Where else can kids spend the day as their alter-ego superhero, meet other superheroes and save the world?

Science Explorer Camp

Entering grades 2 – 4 in fall, 2017

Campers experiment with electricity, gravity, and weather with new hands on science activities! Participants will try science based magic and use forensic science to solve camp mysteries like the age old “Who Dunnit?” and “Who stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar”?

Fishing Camp

Entering grades 3 – 5 in fall, 2017

Don’t let this camp be “the one that got away!” Our four lakes provide great locations for fishing from shore, as well as from canoes and our fishing docks using the catch and release method. With some luck, campers will bring home pictures of their “trophies!” Bait and tackle is provided at camp, but you may bring your own as well.

Arts and Crafts Camp

Entering grades 3 – 5 in fall, 2017

Campers discover their artistic side and let their imagination soar. Kids create through a variety of projects that may include: clay sculpture, sketching, watercolors or paints, nature collages, scrap booking, papier maché, picture frames, candle holders, necklaces and bracelets, candle making, mural painting and much more! Campers create masterpieces to take home and enjoy!

Outdoor Living Skills Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall, 2017

Kids develop their outdoor living skills in this exciting, hands-on specialty camp! Campers discover the finer points of preparing for a big outdoor adventure and will develop orienteering skills using a map and compass plus they’ll learn about plant and animal identification. Participants will also learn a variety of useful camping skills including building a fire making camp shelters, knot tying, campfire cooking and more!

Canoe/Kayak Camp

Entering grades 5 – 8 in fall, 2017

Campers learn paddling skills and canoe/kayak safety as they experience the challenge of navigating lakes at Manitou! Kids learn to identify the parts of the canoe/kayak and learn about the importance of weight distribution and center of gravity. A day-long adventure through Manitou’s chain of four lakes will test the skills they’ve been working on all week.

Archery Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall, 2017

While learning the fundamentals of archery, campers examine equipment close up, identify the parts of the bow and arrow, and learn the science behind drawing the bow and releasing the arrow. Instructors teach proper grip, stance, and aim alignment to use while approaching the target. Campers will discover their ‘eye dominance,’ the first step in becoming a skilled archer. Equipment is provided.

Water Adventure Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall, 2017

The hottest way for kids to cool off this summer! Campers spend the full week enjoying an awesome array of water activities including canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming.

Stand Up Paddleboard Camp

Entering grades 5 – 8 in fall, 2017

Walk on water (almost)! Campers learn the fast-growing, life-long sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding. It’s a fun and easy way to play on the water. Kids learn basic paddling (forward, turning, stopping), how to stand up on a board, lift and carry their board, and how to launch and land it. Paddleboarding also is an amazing workout!

Digital Photography Camp

Entering grades 5 – 8 in fall, 2017

Say Cheese! Campers will learn the basics of lighting and composition and be able to experiment with both portrait and landscape photography. Participants must bring a digital camera.