Specialty Camps

Develop a greater passion for the things you love, or try out something new at one of our specialty camps! At each YMCA Specialty Camp, day campers spend approximately two hours of each day in their specialized activity. The remainder of the day is spent enjoying Traditional Camp activities.

Dragon, Fairies & Princesses Camp

Entering grades K – 2 in fall, 2017

Campers let their imaginations soar in this magical fairy tale-themed arts and crafts camp! Participants make dragon and fairy wings, prince and princess crowns, wands, jewels, fairy tale puppets, costumes and more. Kids will also enjoy a special tea party!

Pirates Camp

Entering grades K – 2 in fall, 2017

Arrrrrgh! Young Buccaneers learn the swashbuckling lingo of pirates, play games like Capture the Pirate Flag, try their balancing skills as they walk the plank, enter an eye patch contest, go on treasure hunts, learn to develop and read a chart where X marks the spot, and (Shiver Me Timbers) a whole lot more! All in the “Honest Air” (sweet, pure air) of the great outdoors.

Super Heroes Camp

Entering grades K – 2 in fall, 2017

BAM! POW! KAZAM! Kids think, dress, and act like superheroes while learning the values of caring, honesty, responsibility and respect! Kids bring their own superhero costume or make one at camp. Suiting up as their favorite superhero each day, they’ll explore their own super powers. Activities include super games, super crafts and super fun. Where else can kids spend the day as their alter-ego superhero, meet other superheroes and save the world?

Farm Camp

Entering grades K – 3 in fall, 2017

Join us for a week of wholesome fun at HHH Ranch! Kids working the farm will explore gardens, fields, and pastures. Young farmers experience the daily routines for feeding and caring for goats, horses, huskies, chickens and a donkey. Campers discover how plants, animals, soil and people work together to produce the food that we eat every day. Plus they’ll learn how to use fresh produce in your own cooking and what I means to be a good steward in this unique farming experience.

Fishing Camp

Entering grades 3 – 6 in fall, 2017

Gone fishin’! Each day campers will visit local rivers and lakes for shoreline fishing fun using the catch-and-release method. Campers can bring their own pole and tackle, or equipment will be provided.

Arts and Crafts Camp

Entering grades 1 – 3 in fall, 2017

Campers discover their artistic side and let their imagination soar. Kids create through a variety of projects such as: clay sculpture, sketching, watercolors or paints, nature collage, necklaces and bracelets, duct tape crafts, mural painting and much more! Campers create masterpieces to take home and enjoy!

Theater Camp

For campers entering grades 3 – 5 in fall, 2017

Kids free their imaginations and develop improvisational skills! Campers explore the world of theater through games, acting exercises, writing or illustrating stories, learning about stage make-up, designing costumes, and even performing for an audience. The remainder of the day will be spent in traditional camp activities. This camp is great for building self-esteem. Staff includes actors from Black Dirt Theater, our local theater company and teachers.

Outdoor Living Skills Camp

Entering grades 3 – 5 in fall, 2017

Kids develop their outdoor living skills in this exciting, hands-on specialty camp! Campers discover the finer points of preparing for a big outdoor adventure and will develop orienteering skills using a map and compass plus they’ll learn about plant and animal identification. Participants will also learn a variety of useful camping skills including building a fire (without matches) making camp shelters, knot tying, campfire cooking and more! One overnight camping experience will be held at Camp Spring Lake Park on Thursday night of your camp week. Watch for more information sent home on Monday.

Challenge Course Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall, 2017

Kids strike out on a bold adventure as they test their strength, strategy, and skill against our high ropes challenge course, Team Initiative course and climbing wall. Climbers learn about basic climbing, belay techniques, knot tying and climbing safety. Fun team challenge initiatives will aid in a successful climb. Two to three hours a day will be spent on the Challenge Course with the remainder of the day spent doing Traditional Day Camp activities.

Archery & Slingshot Camp

Entering grades 4 – 8 in fall, 2017

Two amazing and traditional target sports, the bow and arrow and the slingshot, are very popular today. Participants will gain understanding and learn to properly use them both safely. Campers will learn to make and use their own targets, learn about different types of bows, and the basics of aiming and target shooting. We’ll use Genesis bows and a regulation sling shot range.

Survival Skills Camp

Entering grades 5 – 7 in fall, 2017

Here’s an exciting hands-on specialty camp designed to develop outdoor living skills! Campers discover the finer points of preparing for a big outdoor adventure as they develop orienteering skills using a map and compass and learn about plant and animal identification. Campers will also learn a variety of useful camping skills including building a fire, making camp shelters, knot tying, campfire cooking and more. One overnight camp experience will be held on site.

Digital Photography Camp

Entering grades 5 – 8 in fall, 2017

Say Cheese! Campers will learn the basics of lighting and composition and be able to experiment with both portrait and landscape photography. Each day will be a different theme – from the viewpoint of an ant, or include a tree as a subject. Photos will be uploaded to our Facebook page as the week progresses. Campers will take home a hard copy of their favorite picture of the week. Participants must bring a digital camera.