Journey to Freedom is a spiritual small-group course led by trained facilitators that guides participants through the stages needed for permanent, effective transformation to take root in their lives.

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Everyone has a story, a struggle, and a journey. Journey to Freedom creates a safe space for authentic connection and healing to occur so participants can move towards new possibilities and a vision for their future.

Rooted in Christian principles, this process for change will empower individuals and encourage integration of their spirits, minds and bodies. Regardless of what participants are facing, Journey to Freedom can be customized to meet your unique needs and help restore hope and happiness.

Class Structure

The goal of Journey to Freedom is to build community and lay the foundation for successful life change through an intentional process.  

  • 8 consecutive weekly classes, 90-minutes per week
  • Discussion-based course with 6-10 participants
  • Led by two trained facilitators
  • Based on the book Journey to Freedom: Your Start to a Lifetime of Hope, Health, and Happiness, by Scott Reall
  • Open to both members and nonmembers age 18 and older
  • Groups are offered as co-ed or gender specific formats

Price: Course fee is $40 for the full 8-week session. Includes a copy of Journey to Freedom: Your Start to a Lifetime of Hope, Health, and Happiness.


What are Journey to Freedom Small Groups?

Small groups are a place for you to come into a healing community where you can find relief from your struggles in a group of 6-10 peers. Journey to Freedom provides an opportunity to make changes to anything that causes dissatisfaction in your life. Participants address challenges related to their relationships, family dynamics, careers, food and body image issues, grief, anxiety, addiction, and much more.

How do I know if a Journey to Freedom Group is right for me?

Is there any area of your life that you are wishing to change? Do you struggle with your relationships, finding meaning in your job or stage of life, or find yourself in a challenging situation? Are you having a general feeling that your life isn’t where you want it to be? The purpose of Journey to Freedom is to help you uncover what’s at the root of your issues and gently challenge the unhealthy patterns in which you find yourself stuck.

Are small-groups a Bible study?

Small groups are not bible studies, but are based on Christian principles. The book we use as a curriculum is written by a Christian author for anyone- no matter your faith or background. The program was designed so that groups would be a safe place where all would feel welcome to come, share, and be met without judgment or agenda. The goal is for you to start a journey wherever you are, and the group will meet you there. In group the leaders are not “teachers”, but rather “facilitators” who impartially propel the small-group forward- no advice will ever be given during the group.

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