Ceili I. Ternes

I started my journey to a healthy way of life in 2004. Deciding I needed to make some lifestyle changes, I started exercising and eating better. That helped, but what thoroughly changed my life for the better was Pilates.

I started taking Pilates Mat classes on a regular basis and then moved on to small group Pilates Reformer classes. I felt stronger, was able to breathe better, gained flexibility, and had much more stamina. Wanting to learn all I could about Pilates, I decided to become a certified instructor. In 2011 I became Peak Pilates certified, and I’ve been teaching ever since.

Getting healthier is not about having time—it's about making time. Believe in yourself, set goals, and push your limits! I want to be there for your "ah-ha" moments when you start seeing the results that inspire you to continue to strive for success.


  • Pilates Reformer training
  • Weight loss
  • Strength training
  • Cardiovascular/endurance training
  • TRX Suspension training
  • Senior fitness
  • Youth fitness

Education & Experience

  • Certified Personal Trainer—National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Peak Pilates instructor – Level II (Reformer, Mat, Chair and Barrel)
  • TRX certified - STC

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