Horse Camps

Come experience the joys of horseback riding at Horse Camp!


Camp St. Croix DayCroix riding programs are progressively structured to provide campers with a fun experience of interacting with gentle horses. Instructors are trained in horsemanship and carefully match the experience level of the child with an appropriate horse. Instruction is provided at the staging area and on the horses.

Safety is our top priority at Horse Camp. For all horse programs, we require that participants wear leather shoes or boots with heels. Long pants and protective helmets (helmets provided by camp) are required of all participants. Our horse camp is a recreational riding program and is not intended to replace formal riding lessons.

Alternative programs may be planned if weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain, or wind jeopardize the safety of campers or horses.

Colts - Introductory Level

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall, 2017

Colts spend time each day in an introductory program for children with little experience around horses. First-time riders will build confidence and skills, while learning the basics of western horseback riding. Instruction includes safety, leading, mounting, dismounting, reining, and basic ring riding. The remainder of the day is spent in traditional camp activities. Colts campers will have a horse show on Thursday afternoon.

Buckaroos - Intermediate Level

Entering grades 5 – 6 in fall, 2017. Previous Colts or similar experience preferred.

Buckaroos is an intermediate program for campers with at least one year of riding experience. Two hours of daily instruction includes a basic skill review, intermediate ring riding, and trotting. The remainder of the day is spent in traditional camp activities. By week’s end, groups may have the opportunity to enjoy a scenic pasture/trail ride. Buckaroos campers will have a horse show on Thursday afternoon.

Teen Horse Camp

Entering grades 7 – 9 in fall, 2017

Campers build confidence as they develop horsemanship skills. Trained instructors will teach the basics of western horseback riding. Campers will work on leading, mounting, ring work, grooming and saddling. By week’s end, groups may have the opportunity to enjoy a scenic trail ride. Campers will have a horse show on Thursday afternoon.