Take part in one of our retreats or create your own. Our camps offer a wide range of recreational opportunities and team-building activities that promote physical, mental and spiritual growth in a beautiful setting.

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Recreation Activities

The options are many, and may include volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, hiking trails, campfires and in the winter; cross-country skiing, and sledding.

Team Building

Team building programs vary depending upon the program you attend and the philosophy they promote. Activities at each site can range from energetic and physical experiences designed for groups looking to experience a "risk" to a more sedentary, intellectual program. What most of these programs have in common is the belief that team concepts and skills are best taught through experiences, rather than traditional, meeting-room training methods. The principles are abstract, and often require change in perception for people to "get it." Like learning to ride a bike, these programs offer groups opportunities to practice, experiment and get immediate feedback. Through reflection and discussion, groups learn what works and what does not. Since the activities they are involved in have no real consequences, groups can engage in open and honest discussion. They can then capture and transfer learning to actual life applications.