Head into the holidays armed with tasty treats



The holiday season is chock-full of eating events—potlucks, parties and more. It can be a hard time to stick to a healthy eating plan.

This year, start the holidays ready with delicious and healthy recipes—from appetizers to sides to main dishes—to whip up while you entertain or prepare a dish to pass.

Try these 12 healthy recipes that are full of flavor, and low in fat and calories:

  1. Smoked trout spread
    Featuring low-fat cottage cheese, spices and celery
  2. Shrimp and avocado appetizers
    Whole-wheat crackers topped with protein and healthy fat
  3. Spinach salad with maple cider dressing
    Greens paired with festive flavors
  4. Roast chicken with dried-cranberry gravy
    A twist on a comfort-food staple
  5. Garlicky green beans
    Tender-crisp, green and good
  6. Maple roasted sweet potatoes
    Move over mashed potatoes—rich in color and taste
  7. Seasonal fruit palette
    Prettier and more nutritious than the usual cookie platter
  8. Tuscan white bean spread
    Dip into a tasty change with pita or crudités
  9. Crunchy pear and celery salad
    Texture adds pizazz to greens
  10. Spinach lasagna with sun-dried tomato sauce
    Great to make ahead and grab when it’s party time
  11. Baby minted carrots
    Perk up a meal with this colorful side
  12. Pomegranate poached pears
    Impressive looking start or end to a meal