15 simple ways to get off the couch during the big game

Friends and family are on the couch, the game is on TV, and dozens of snacks, apps and drinks are on the table. Football fan or not – it can be easy to get so caught up watching the game, you forget about your fitness goals. But even if you don’t have to outrun a bear, our 15 tips will help you enjoy the big game guilt-free.

  1. Don’t ignore the celery and carrots on the wings platter
  2. Challenge your friends to do a plank through one full commercial break
  3. Every time you hear #deflategate, do ten burpees or 25 jumping jacks
  4. For every First-Down, challenge fans of the opposing team to a push-up contest
  5. During a timeout, get out! Take your kids outside and race them to the end of the block
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking at least one glass of water per quarter  
  7. Start healthy huddles! Ask friends and family one thing they’re going to do next week to improve their health and wellness
  8. Don’t be an armchair quarterback, get off the couch and walk around the party
  9. While your team crushes the offense, crush your cans…for recycling
  10. Host your own halftime show with a family dance party during the break
  11. Be Aggressive, B-E aggressive – touch your toes and hold the pose while you watch kickoff  
  12. Show those receivers how it’s done! Do your own end zone dance after every touchdown
  13. Host family activity or game night right after the game
  14. Heisman pose for an entire commercial break
  15. The big game isn’t the only game! Not a football fan? Skip the game and take a walk or go for a swim at the Y

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