Name: Joe Betts and Andy Harris

Hometown: We are both from Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States of America, Planet Earth.

How do you stay busy from September to May?
Joe: I attend college in eastern Iowa while farming part-time. I am majoring in Astrology. I also deejay on the side.

Andy: I made the decision to take my talents to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. I have three months left on my contract, and I specialize in English and Forestry.

How long have you been involved in Camp Warren?
Joe: I have walked the Camp Warren trail for 168 moons (14 years). Andy, how many moons have you spent on Half Moon and Homaji shores?

Andy: 96 moons (8 years), my friend.  We are veritably experienced in the ways of Warren.

What activities are you involved in?
Andy: Well, I’m the head instructor for the Camp Warren tennis academy (CWTA).

Joe: And I’m the lead ball boy. With my cat-like reflex and decent hand-eye coordination I keep the courts clear.

Andy: Yes, yes you are.

What age group do you work with?
Andy: I specialize in 11-12 year olds. They understand me, man.

Joe: I work with the 7 year olds. From time to time, I take up 8 year olds.

What advice would you give to first-year campers?
Joe: Write home often. Your parents will enjoy it. Also, bring an extra toothbrush. Always comes in handy.

Andy: Remember to pack a towel. Also, a good mix of land and water activities is E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L in the summer months.

Why do you enjoy working at Warren?
Joe: I enjoy helping campers have a great time at camp, just like I did when I was their age.

Andy: Stole my answer! Just kidding. I love teaching campers skills, whether it be how to hit a backhand or stern a canoe.

Favorite Camp song?
Joe: The non-cabin staff raid song.

Andy: The thankful / improvised grace.

Favorite Camp Game?
Joe: It’s got to be Joe Betts ball.

Andy: Frisbee Elimination will always have my heart.

Favorite Camp Counselor moment?
Joe: Any type of trail experience.

Andy: Seconded. One time, on trail, a camper was trying to one-man lift his canoe to take down the portage. We all go ahead, and he nails the lift. But we are a ways down the path, so all we hear is, “Are you serious? Did nobody see that?” It was hilarious and magical all at once.

Anything else we should know about?
Joe: Remember to try new things at camp that you wouldn’t get a chance to do in many other places (like sailing, ropes, and Wilderness Exploration).

Andy: You will come away wanting just another summer at camp.