Name: Sam Doyle (goes by Doyle)

Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota

How do you stay busy from September-May?
I spend my in Ames, Iowa attending Iowa State University. I study kinesiology and focus on exercise health.

How long have you been involved with Warren?
I was a 10 year camper and have been on staff for 3 years.

What activities are you involved in?
Ropes, sailing, windsurfing, boating, and TRAIL!

What age group do you work with?
I like working with trail-aged campers the best (11-16) but love all the sections.

What is one piece of advice you would give a first year camper?
Bring a fitted bed sheet and a water bottle, as well as an open mind ready to try new exciting things.

Favorite camp song?
Cinco De Moustache

Favorite all camp game?
3-Way Soccer or Camper Counselor Hunt

Favorite Camp Counselor moment:
Seeing every activity of ropes finish the Giants Ladder, and subsequently having to shave my beard on stage in front of camp on Sunday.

Anything else we should know about?
My favorite camp meal is vegetable pot pie, it’s delicious!