Name: Erik Maritz

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

How do you stay busy from September-May?
I'm studying Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton University right now, where I'm finishing my sophomore year, biding my time until SUMMER comes again. Next year, though, I'll be spending my first semester in Portugal and my second semester in New Zealand - so that's exciting!

How long have you been involved with Warren?
I was a camper here for 9 glorious summers, and have been on staff for 3 even better ones.

What activities are you involved in?
While I've dabbled around camp doing a bit of this and a bit of that, I'd say my heart belongs to the Half Moon Yacht Club (sailing). That, athletics, and paddle sports are probably my camp staples.

What age group do you work with?
What a tough question... Each section holds a special place in my heart, but I think I've spent most of my time with Intermediates and younger Seniors (11-14).

What is one piece of advice would you give a first year camper?
Bring 2 towels (believe me you'll use them both), try and sign up for both land and water activities, brush your teeth, and always remember rule #7 -- sail hard, have fun.

Favorite camp song?
The hippo song.

Favorite camp game?
Deplendium, duh!

Favorite Camp Counselor moment:
Climbing up the rock wall this past summer to get a sleeping bag some campers and a counselor (the infamous Salad Hartfiel) stole from me, only to become trapped at the top with a swarm of vicious hornets attacking me has to be in my top 5... It was painful at the time but looking back it was actually very funny--the joys of being a Camp Counselor!

Anything else we should know about?
There's honestly nothing else like Camp in the world--to be able to spend your summers hanging out with amazing people, in a beautiful place, doing all sorts of fun activities outside does wonders for a person (especially a youngin). Camp life teaches respect, acceptance, self-love, and an appreciation for the outdoors you really can't get anywhere else. See you all this summer!