Whether you watch or play, try these tips to work out like a pro



Whether you’re an armchair quarterback, a spectator in the stands, or are in the huddle on the field, fall often means football. And for those who gear up for gridiron, training isn’t always about pumping iron. Try these ideas to shape up for football season:

Focus less on weights, more on your body

Stack.com, a site dedicated to helping the next generation of athletes learn from experts at a professional level, says that many NFL players are focusing on exercises that enhance explosiveness and athleticism, including:

  • Resisted high knees
  • Bounding
  • Kettlebell Bulgarian squats

Prepare to zig-zag with lateral exercises

If you’re looking to up your football game like a pro, try workouts that focus on lateral strength. Lateral strength exercises will work the muscles that help you move sideways on the field—around players and on routes. Learn about strength moves like:

  • Lateral lunges
  • Lateral sled pulls
  • Asterisks lunges

The key to lateral speed exercises is perfecting the movement—if you’re not fully completing the move, rest up before proceeding. Get tips on exercises like:

  • Bodyweight lateral speed slides
  • Bodyweight lateral crossover step drill
  • Partner mirror drill

Work on agility and coordination

Ladder drills are designed to improve speed, agility and coordination. To complete these exercises, you’ll need an agility ladder, which you can buy or make.

  • In-out drill
  • Lateral feet drill
  • Tango drill

Don’t want to go it alone?

You don’t have to. The Y is here to help:

  • You or your child can take football skills to the next level by teaming up with a Personal Trainer—together you’ll tackle a customized plan for reaching your goals

Flag football classes and leagues are available for kids—sign up today