Count on the Y for autumn adventures and inspiration



With the kids back in school, fall is a great time to plan some fun adventures to help keep your family connected. Consider the Y your one-stop shop for family fun this fall:

Make exercise a family outing

Drop kids off while you work … or play

  • Sign up for School Age Care—before school, after school, and on school release days the Y offers activities and care for kids, based on interests and grade levels.
  • Treat yourself to a night out—Parents Night Out allows you to have a few hours away while the kids are at the Y having a blast

Camp together

Plan a trip to Camp du Nord—family camp features age-specific activities, crafts, hiking, canoeing and campfires.

Celebrate a fall birthday

Have a hassle-free party—including engaging activities, a safe space for kids to be active and extra help from the Y if you want it.

Still looking for inspiration?

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