I would like to thank all of our campers and staff for another safe, successful, and enriching summer! We sent 172 canoe and backpack trips to 6 states (including Alaska), 3 Canadian Provinces and 2 Territories. While we travel the same routes every summer, each trip never fails to provide unique experiences and new adventures.

Canoe and backpacking trips always come with inherent risks. If they didn’t, much of the value we gain from them would be lost. However, even with these risks we are grateful that 2015 proved to be a safe summer. I attribute this to our wonderful staff and campers who always look out for each other, work together to persevere through challenges, and respect the areas through which we travel.

The transformative effect wilderness travel has on young people never fails to inspire me.  Some of you have heard this referred to as the “trail glow.” Regardless of whether a group has been away for one day or 40, each camper returns with the light of adventure in their eyes and a long list of stories to tell back home. We hope you have heard some of them! - Kathleen Floberg