Participation in the Lottery is not necessary to come to Camp du Nord. We use the Lottery to make sure our most popular cabins and session dates are distributed fairly. If you do sign up for the Lottery, you will select your top three session choices and cabin preference. We also ask if session date or cabin choice is most important to you—many families love coming back to the same cabin each year.

  • Make sure to have your phone near you!  If we miss you on the first try, we will call back again within 10 minutes.  If we miss you the second time, we will call you one more time at the end of Lottery day.
  • We are not able to accept incoming calls on Lottery day, so answering your phone is the only way to book your spot!
  • Have a few options to fall back on if your first few choices are not available. 
  • Make sure that you have communicated with all other families in your group so that you know what their backup options are (remember groups have to register for the same week).  Consider spending the morning together so that you can quickly make group decisions if needed! 
  • Call us ahead of time if you have questions.  It is difficult to answer many questions on Lottery day itself.  We have close to 700 families to call!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page throughout Lottery day, as we update availability as quickly as we can.