Two new classes are coming soon—Defend Together and Active Together


Whether you’re a regular at YMCA Group Exercise classes, or have never tried one before, soon you’ll have two new options to check out that blend cardio and strength.

Defend Together is launching June 18 and Active Together is launching July 9. Here’s a sneak preview of each:

Defend Together

If you’re looking for an intense and cutting-edge class, this mixed martial arts conditioning program is for you. Class will include body weight exercises, boxing to tone the upper body and Muy Thai to work the lower body.

Why give it a try? Defend Together will help you to gain strength, increase confidence, improve your athleticism and you’ll leave each class feeling empowered.

Active Together

Be efficient with your exercise—this class will give you cardio, strength and flexibility work. Class will include cardio intervals using risers, active recovery time with strength training using weights and a cool-down for flexibility work.

Why give it a try? Active Together will help you get a total body workout, plus shape and tone your muscles. You’ll leave class stronger and more confident.