Get your heart rate up and push to a personal best


Strength Train Together is a 60-minute high-rep weight training workout that uses a combination of body-weight exercises, barbells and weight plates. You’ll get a taste of traditional strength exercises and the hottest functional training moves.

To help keep your body challenged—and to help you see optimum results—each Strength Train Together class works a variety of muscles:

  • Warm up—Practice movements that will be used throughout class using light weights.
  • Legs—Work toward shape and definition for your big muscles—think squats and lunges.
  • Chest—See new twists on exercises like the chest press, chest fly and push up.
  • Back and legs—Fire up for full-body exercises like deadlifts, deadrows, deadsquats and more.
  • Triceps—Transform the back of your arms with presses, extensions, pullovers and kickbacks.
  • Biceps—Try variations on curls and rows that combine new and traditional exercises.
  • More legs—Start to feel like a pro with lateral movements, balance challenges, offset loading and plyometrics.
  • Shoulders—Work the front, top and back of shoulders with traditional exercises and functional movements.
  • Core—Train the front, back and sides of your midsection.
  • Stretch—Take time to stretch out all of your hardworking muscles.

Why try Strength Train Together?

  • It’s easy to work at your own pace and choose your weights for class—so if you’re new to exercise or are at peak performance, this class is for you.
  • It’s a great way to add strength training into your exercise routine—especially if you’re not sure where to start, or are unsure of trying the weight room solo.
  • It’s realistic to see success quickly—coming to class just once or twice a week can really start to show.

Tips for your first class

  • Arrive a few minutes before class to introduce yourself to the instructor—they can answer any questions you might have and help you select starting weights.
  • Pick a spot near the center of the room so that you can clearly see the instructor throughout class.
  • You can wear weight-training gloves to class, but they are not required.
  • Don’t forget to have fun and remember that class is YOUR time—it’s not a competition, so be sure to listen to your body during the workout and if you need to stop and rest, or to adjust weights, please do.
  • After class, check in with your instructor if anything was particularly challenging during the workout—they can offer ideas and ways to make your next class even better.

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