New look for the Y team is designed to serve you

By Bob Thomas, Chief Experience Officer for the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

When it comes right down to it, the YMCA is here to serve. To most effectively serve you, the Y evolves with our community and the individuals who are a part of it.

One small way that we embrace our community is with what we wear. So recently, we introduced new team uniforms. What started as a project to refresh uniforms quickly morphed into an initiative that’s changing the culture at the Y.

While there are certainly benefits to the YMCA team members who wear the uniform, the wardrobe switch was driven by a desire to help you have a better experience at the Y—whether you’re coming to work out, dropping your child off for day care or attending a youth sports event.

You are welcome here.

People who work at the Y are members of our community, too. When you come to the Y, you’re stepping into an environment where everyone is welcome. That’s why the Y strives to reflect our everyday world and its diversity, including things like respectful tattoo art, bright workout shoes and pink hair. Team members are encouraged to express their individual flair for style.

Confidence has a ripple effect.

Although we all wear the same blue tops and black bottoms, there are more options in the new uniform for people to feel comfortable and confident. We did some research on this—and when people feel good about what they’re wearing, they provide better customer service.

You probably know what this is like. Think about the days when you wear an outfit you love—you might be more likely to smile, have a friendly chat, or do something nice for someone else. This is exactly what we’re going for with the new uniforms.

Need help? We’re easy to spot.

Want to find out how much Swim Lessons cost? Looking for the pool? Interested in using that equipment over in the corner but aren’t sure how? All you need to do is find any Y team member and ask.

Now that everyone—from front-desk team to our leaders—is wearing blue tops and black bottoms, it should be easier to ask for help when you need it. If the person you ask doesn’t know the answer, they’ll help you track down someone who can get you the info you need.

In fact, the new uniforms are so easy to identify, that if you happen to visit the Y wearing a blue top and black pants, there’s a chance a fellow member might approach you for help. (Have you ever gone to Target wearing khakis and a red shirt only to be asked by a customer which aisle the cereal is in?) If this does happen at the Y, we encourage you be a friendly participant in our community, and head to the front desk together to find a team member who can help.