Celebrate the holiday in a healthy way with your handiwork.

Rather than focusing on green-tinted beverages, try celebrating your Irish pride with some homemade goodies this year.

Dress the part

Gussy up for the day in festive attire.

Decorate the house

Get the little ones involved in creating window decorations.

  • Tear up colored tissue paper and gluing it to wax paper to create these stained glass rainbows.
  • Gather color coffee filters with washable markers and spray with water to create these watercolor-inspired shamrocks.

Older kids can fold and cut crepe-paper party streamers to make shamrock garland.

Decorate the walls with these 3-D shamrocks, made from paper heart cut-outs.

For ambitious crafters, wrap a foam ring in fur yarn for a St. Patrick’s Day wreath that looks like it’s covered in grass.

Give a bit of good luck

Whether you’re looking to give a little something at school, or to surprise friends and family—a St. Patrick’s Day gift can make someone feel lucky to have you.

Prepare festive eats

Go green with nutritious, green foods.

Plan fun for the whole family

If you like to mix your crafts with adventure, consider setting up a St. Patty’s Day treasure hunt. Print and hide the clues to enjoy searching for treasure.