Resolve to work toward a better you with these easy tips

The start of the calendar year is often a popular time for people to make a resolution. Why wait when you can use the start of your year and make a birthday resolution? Or a Tuesday resolution? There’s no need to wait for an event to make a change—you can get started now.

Starting small

You start small—it doesn’t have to be a great-big change. In fact, tackling a small change can propel you to more easily working toward bigger goals.

For example:

  • You might want to drink more water, and less soda.
  • Once you have that down, you might feel better and be more motivated to take a quick bike ride
  • That could lead you to completing your first 5K run

Remember it’s about balance

When thinking about what you’d like to change, it can be helpful to consider a mix of goals—some that will lead to quick wins, and some that will lead to long-term success. When you can see progress quickly, it’s easier to stay motivated to keep working toward bigger resolutions to change.

It might be easier to work toward a change when you have a plan of things you hope to accomplish this month, this semester or this summer. Short- and long-term goals can help your plan come to life.

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Set yourself up to celebrate successes

It’s easy to track the progress you make toward your goals when they are:

  • Specific—know exactly what you want to change
  • Measurable—make it easy to answer whether you completed your goal
  • Attainable—set out with realistic intentions, plan to do something you can achieve
  • Attached to a deadline—set a date that you can work toward

And when you have a win, don’t forget to celebrate your success—you’ve earned it!