10 ways to celebrate yourself

Whether it’s a special day, or you’ve reached a goal—take time for you

Taking a few small steps to celebrate all that you do can help you:

  • Enjoy life along the way
  • Find gratitude and positivity
  • Increase confidence
  • Mark the completion of an event or milestone

Here are 10 ideas to help you get started:

  1. Explore somewhere new in town with a staycation
  2. Write yourself a nice note and keep it nearby for a quick pick-me-up
  3. Gracefully accept compliments—say “thanks” and feel great about the good that others see in you
  4. Take a spin through some old photos and enjoy thinking about happy memories
  5. Try a new activity—like learning a sport, dabbling in a hobby or taking a class
  6. Do something you’re good at and revel in the talents that you have to share
  7. Create a playlist of tunes that can help you power through work, making dinner or exercise
  8. Relax with a good book, favorite show or a massage (available at the George Wellbeing CenterMaplewood Community Center and Rochester Y)
  9. Treat your body well and do something active to help keep up your health
  10. Spend time with your favorite people