Families Building Community

Free caregiver education classes

Starting May 1, 2018

St. Paul Midway YMCA

12-2pm - Midway Community Room

Please join Anna Kudak, Ph.D., in a six week seminar exploring topics surrounding family and community. Anna is the co-author of What Happy Couples Do, What Happy Parents Do and What Happy Women Do (Fairview Press) and a Professor of Communication at the University of St. Thomas. She studies the importance of rituals in families. Anna will facilitate conversations with interested family members seeking to connect with others involved in raising children. This program seeks to empower families to build a supportive community.

Possible Topics to Explore

  1. Building strong communities
  2. Living values
  3. Fostering trust
  4. Caring for others and yourselves
  5. Developing empathy
  6. The role of rituals and routines
  7. Learning and teaching self-regulation
  8. Making and living with decisions
  9. Showing and teaching gratitude
  10. The role of power in families
  11. Raising advocates
  12. Providing leadership
  13. Boundary management
  14. Families as systems

Free child care is available during the class.


Please contact Lana Larson at 612-821-2975 or via email.

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