Gunflint Lodge

As a response to the ever-increasing love and demand for a family camp experience at Camp du Nord, the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities embarked on a new adventure this last summer and set out to see if the magic of du Nord could be transferred to another location! For two weeks, current and former du Nord staff spent time with family campers at Gunflint Lodge and participated in favorite du Nord activities (think Polar Bear, age groups, a Gunflint version of Bonzo Block, and more!) and also embraced all of the interesting and fun things that Gunflint offers. The result? A huge success!!  The essence of du Nord was present because of the energy of the campers, the presence of wonderful staff, and the beautiful setting of the north woods. Stay tuned for more information about what, in addition to du Nord’s summer program, might be offered in summer 2017!