Summer Recap

What a fantastic summer we had in the north woods once again. Summer at du Nord means a lot of different things to many different people. For some it’s an opportunity to relax, have some quiet time, and chill out with family, and for others, camp is all about having fun and being social. No matter the reason, all campers had the chance to embrace their version of what it means to be a family camper at du Nord in 2016.

Every summer is a little bit different and a little bit unique at camp, and this summer was no exception. Perhaps you had the chance to experience the great power outage of 2016. For seven full days,camp operated without power (For the most part. There was a generator at the dining hall.) The kitchen and maintenance staff team spent countless hours bending over backwards to make camp continue to run as smooth as ever. You also may have had the chance to sing ‘Cat Party’ or remember the lyrics Peanut Butter in my cup, we sing this song to pump you up, bang bang choo-choo train, come on (insert name here) do your thang! Or you maybe you tried out Logrolling for the first time. Could you stay on the log for more than 3 seconds?! It’s hard!

Regardless of how you spent your time at camp, we hope had the chance to spend quality time with family, be a little silly, and enjoy beautiful Burntside Lake and the North Arm Trail System. We hope you have had an excellent start to your fall and look forward to seeing you on the North Arm Road again soon.

Until Next Time,

Andy Sinykin