It’s time for camp…but what do my kids need?

So it’s that time of year again, your kids are all registered (or at least you have picked the dates) for them to come to camp, but now what should I send with them, what have they grown out of and what do I need to buy?

Before packing for camp, first check the packing list provided in our Parent Handbook . There may be things like bedding that you'll want to include in your child's gear, and maybe you don’t want them to use the one that matches their set at home.

Next, hit the big items that don’t cost much, our staff’s number one pick…the Headlamp. They sell these at all Outfitting stores, but make sure you don’t go too inexpensive, as often times these don’t end up working for long and your camper ends up in the dark on her way back from the KYBO.

Our second staff pick…a good rain jacket. Now, this does not mean you have to pay over $100, but places like Sierra Trading Post, Target or Kohl’s have some great options. 

For a more detailed packing list check out this great article.