As energy and activity return to camp we are reminded again of its power. It is more them just a place, it is a place that connects you. Before computers and cell phones, camp was connecting people to each other, to the land, and a community greater themselves.  There is a sense that when you are here you belong as part of its legacy and part of a community that is past, present, and future.

We have people come visit us who came here years and even decades ago. When they step out of their cars and see camp they are brought back to when they were here, their eyes light up as their young self takes over and the sights and sounds of camp fill their memory. There are few places in life that have the same affect and I know it is the same for most of the camp people we know. All of this comes from connection. Not just on the surface but deep connection.  Lifelong friends and a place for you to grow into who you see yourself to be.