Fun this Fall

This fall has been filled with groups taking field trips to learn about environmental education, renewable energy, survival skills, and the importance of playing outside. One way the team building staff makes this so enjoyable for the kids is by playing the game Predator and Prey. In this game, that is a mix of tag, hide and seek, and a scavenger hunt, students take on the rolls of animals that exist right here in our back yard. As they play, they learn about basic survival needs, animal food chains, and how to work in a group to accomplish a goal, while having a blast at the same time.

While all the skills we have been teaching are important, I think just giving children, a chance to learn in an outside environment is the best thing we provide. Being outside has proven benefits such as improving social skills, being more creative, and decreasing chances of obesity. With screens being readily accessible everywhere you go, it is great to get kids running around the woods and being excited about nature too!