Overnight Camp

During the summer of 2018, outdoor cooking was not offered as an achievement, gasp! However, campers still had the opportunity to participate in hands-on, outdoor cooking during their cook-out/overnight experiences. As a cabin group, campers chose what to prepare for their meals, collected the necessary ingredients and cookware, and headed to their designated campsite. Here they learned various fire-building techniques, the principles of Leave-No-Trace, and worked together to prepare and enjoy their meal. We’ve experimented with various meals over the years, and it seems as though Goulash and Chaco-Tacos always rank the highest!

Additionally, in our new-and-improved Farm Achievement, campers spent time learning about and caring for pygmy goats, chickens, and a bunny. They also tended to the new Camp Ihduhapi garden, enjoying fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs. A Caprese salad created by campers was among the top garden-inspired recipes. We’re excited about the farm program growing and teaching appreciation of nature and farm-to-table concepts, stewardship, patience, and responsibility.