Leader’s Club

Leader’s Club is an exciting opportunity for Ihduhapi teens to stay connected to the Ihduhapi community, participate in leadership opportunities, and have a ton of fun during the school year. The Ihduhapi Leader's Club will meet on the first Sunday of each month from 6-7:30pm for leadership sessions and volunteer/service opportunities around the community. These meetings will be led by Jana at first, with the goal of handing over the reins to a Leadership Team and a Volunteer Coordinator made up of Ihduhapi teens and facilitated by staff. At the meetings, leaders partake in activities, conversation, games and volunteer/service planning. This is a chance for Ihduhapi teens to connect with one another and build community. It’s also a great chance to break away from the normal routine and have some camp fun! Joining the Leaders Club does not cost any money. For more information about Leader’s Club, email jana.graczyk@ymcamn.org.