Camper Profile - Luca Pierre

Luca has been an important part of the Menogyn community for the past two years! He originally came to camp representing the Boys Outdoor Leadership Development program (BOLD) on an 11-day canoe trip in the BWCA. Ever since, Luca has dedicated a significant portion of his summers to Menogyn. Each summer he returns for two engage sessions and often prefers the longest sessions possible. While at camp, Luca contributes greatly to the spirit of hard work and community development. He is a compassionate, reliable and diligent presence in camp. From hauling concrete to planning welcomes, Luca connects with other campers as well as staff and visitors. This past summer he and his group helped plan an incredibly creative ROYAL WELCOME for the return of our long trippers in August.

Luca has been involved in several other programs through the YMCA, the KLC program at YMCA Camp St. Croix, Youth in Government and the Hudson YMCA Leaders Club. We are so lucky to have Luca as a member of our community and deeply appreciate all of the time he has volunteered to grow the Menogyn Magic!