Staff Highlight - Cory Maria Dack

Cory Maria Dack has been a part of the Menogyn community for more than 10 years. She has worked as a trail guide for 5+ years leading trips all over Northern Minnesota and Ontario. Last year she was an incredibly valuable utility player on staff, driving to Points North, leading GOLD trips, and mentoring staff throughout the season. This past year Cory has been involved in multiple tripping opportunities through Wilderness Inquiry and Augsburg University, leading a 100-day expedition down the Mississippi River, acting as both a guide and an instructor for The River Semester. She also recently returned from guiding trips to Costa Rica and Florida. The unique range of people that Cory has the opportunity to introduce to wild places makes her a huge asset on our team. This upcoming summer she will be using these skills to help us coordinate our BOLD and GOLD efforts at Menogyn as well as continue her mentorship of other staff in our program, both new and returning. We are so grateful for Cory's consistent positivity, her eagerness to learn and her contagious love of music.