Info about long trips: Slater

Out of Camp Camping, more infamously known as OCC, has deep roots at Camp Warren. Beginning in the early 1970s, Camp started offering an extended Long Border trip, called the Outpost, for campers who wished to further explore the Boundary Waters and strengthen their expeditionary travel skills. This trip was a 14-day Boundary Waters canoe trip that allowed campers to paddle more of the US-Canada border. Over the last handful of years, Camp Warren has offered a few trips similar to the old Outpost trip, calling them Long Long Border. We are excited that this summer, we will be offering two Long Long Borders, one for girls and one for boys. Contact us for more information!

We are also excited to be running two extended Lake Superior sailing trips this summer, again bringing back the tradition of longer sailing trips that took place in the 70s and 80s. Partnering with DreamCatcher Sailing out of Bayfield, campers will spend ten days sailing around Lake Superior, with opportunities for more advanced crossings and further travel around the lake. Contact us for more information!

Did you Know? Back in the 1970s, Outpost campers used to setup camp out in the woods behind the horse pasture when they were in camp?