The TC is Getting Ready for Summer

Whether our campers are most excited for a savory mac and cheese meal or a sweet batch of blueberry chocolate chip pancakes - the importance of preparing the tripping center for Summer is not taken lightly. Beginning in April the tripping center team begins the process of stocking our shelves with every ingredient our campers crave. We have already ordered all of our sauce mixes for the summer, cardboard boxes for our food packs, and gear for the upcoming adventures.

Next weekend's volunteer work weekend will be a valuable time for us to pull all of these new purchases together. Volunteers from the Widji Leaders program will be helping to bag the new sauces, organize a new backpack storage strategy, and help take a new inventory to help Kathleen and I plan for the next round of purchases. Before you know it, campers will be taking hundreds of pounds of dried foods into the backcountry! We can't wait!