Outdoor Learning Program - Fall Season Wrap Up

Despite our cool temperatures this fall, Widji students were able to enjoy some terrific paddling together in the North Canoe.  They had some wonderful adventures exploring the woods, learning about the boreal forest and the history of the voyageurs.

Comments from some of our fall participants…

“Our students gained confidence in themselves.” -teacher

“Our students learned to support each other and gained knowledge of the environment.” - teacher

“Our students learned respect, responsibility and appreciation for the environment” - teacher

“The staff were exceptionally fantastic leaders. They taught so the children wanted to learn. They made learning fun. They made all kids feel comfortable and included. Awesome!” – parent chaperone

“Our instructors never said no and pushed us to do things outside our comfort zones.” - student

“We played a lot of games but we also learned stuff at the same time.” - student

“I had a lot of fun and it was a good break from being on my phone – which I needed but I don’t get.”  -student