Risk Management at Widji

The fall season always brings with it many engaging and informative opportunities to collaborate with others in our industry through conferences and retreats. Widji is always striving to improve our risk management practices and learning from others is just one way we do that! In partnership with YMCA Camp Menogyn and Camp Mantio-wish YMCA, Widji helps host the Midwest Risk Management Symposium (MRMS) every fall. The mission of the MRMS is to provide an opportunity for outdoor educators of the Upper Midwest to collaborate and to contribute to the advancement of risk management practices. This year we will have presenters from the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, NOLS, Outward Bound, New Vision Wilderness, Wilderness Inquiry and more! For more information visit the MRMS website at www.widji.org/mrms. You can also “like” MRMS on Facebook!

Another way we strengthen our risk management practices is by reviewing what happens in our own program. Every year we collect reports from incidents that occur in our program. These reports are entered into our master database which we’ve been using since 1999. This longitudinal data, along with the work Widji’s Risk Management Committee does in reviewing each incident, help us identify trends and areas of our program where there is still room for growth. We are always striving to learn from ourselves as well as others. The group of volunteers from the Widji Board and our great community that make up the Risk Management Committee do a lot of work and their dedication to our program has real and meaningful impacts.