The Widji Lottery

It’s Lottery season again folks! Every year, we kick off our registration season with a lottery. The Lottery process is designed to give all campers who have registered by our lottery deadline of January 4th at 5pm an equal opportunity to be placed in the trip of their choice. Our lottery is most important for campers hoping to participate in our Bighorns Backpack and Rocky Mountains Backpack trips. We are limited in the number of campers that we can send on these Backpacking trips by the number of permits that we are afforded by the districts where we travel.

On Lottery Day, we randomly assign every camper a ticket number then we go down the list and assign people their first, second or third choice trip based on where the fall on the list. We complete this process for our Advanced Campers first, then general returning campers, followed by new summer campers.  Once we have finished this process, we communicate lottery results via email for campers who have received their first choice and follow up with a phone call for campers who have been placed in their second or third choice.

Additional Lottery Information

Email Amy Hadow, Summer Program Director or call 612-465-0483.