Well Wishes to our 2019 Voyageurs and Mountaineers!

By Amy Hadow, Summer Program Director

We would like to announce the names of our 2019 Voyageur and Mountaineer Leaders and campers. Our campers and staff have been planning their trips since January and excitement is building as camp approaches. Groups have already selected their routes and are picking out designs for their hats and sashes. We can't wait to wish them happy trails!

Voyageur Groups

Shawn Cope (Leader)

  • Andrew Bussen
  • Calvin Davies
  • Theo Deitz-Green
  • Charles Collinge
  • Conner Massey
  • Emmett Bikales

Caroline Herman (Leader)

  • Jane Andersen
  • Nardos Scott
  • Valerie Bares
  • Anna Smalley
  • Tatai Guillery

Claire O'Brien (Leader)

  • Luciana Benzan
  • El Boatman
  • Mackenzie Farrell
  • Amelia Evavold
  • Maggie Jones

Brent Saxton (Leader)

  • Zachery Kareken
  • Max DeJong
  • Peter Rock
  • Henry Benson
  • Ben Peters

Maggie Cahill (Leader)

  • Lina Dreshcler
  • Izzy Schwarz
  • Maggie Lafave
  • Emma Watson

Sela Patterson (Leader)

  • Lila Stokiner
  • Carrie MacDonald
  • Madeline Parr
  • Lily Cooper
  • Hazel Deharpporte

Mountaineer Groups

Allie Horick (Leader)

  • Lindsay Boettiger
  • Lizzy Kolb
  • Betsy Romans
  • Eleanor Fuchs

Nick Gardner (Leader)

  • Ian Black
  • Eli Kilpatrick
  • Charlie Moonen
  • Ryan Moore
  • Flynn Opatz