Revitalizing & Renewing Capital Campaign

A Place of Renewal

Looking out over the pristine waters of Burntside Lake, YMCA Camp du Nord seems timeless. And yet the landscape around us is constantly renewing itself season by season. 

So it is for Camp du Nord. We too seek to revitalize our facilities, programs and staff in order to continue to be a place that renews spirits and strengthens family bonds. And we want to make sure that we can be that place for all people, regardless of their financial means. 

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Capital Projects

Gap to Goal: $280,000

Our capital campaign is now in the home stretch. From our original capital campaign goal of $4.25 million, we need to raise the final $280,000 to help secure Camp du Nord’s future for generations to come.

Your tax-deductible donation today will allow us to address two key priorities:

Property Acquisition

Protecting Burntside Lake from Future Development: The feeling of being “away from it all” is integral to the camp experience.
Eighty acres of land across the lake from Pine Pointe Village were recently for sale. By purchasing that pristine land and precluding development, we have helped to maintain the feel of being on the edge of the Boundary Waters for future generations.

This property will also provide a terrific base camp/outpost for overnight campsites, cookouts and group gatherings which will enhance the Camp du Nord experience.

Staff Housing

Rest and Renewal Spaces for Full and Part-time Staff: The traditions of camp are nurtured and brought to life through our dedicated staff members.  The staff team has grown significantly to meet our camp and program needs over the years, but we’ve not made the same investment in staff housing.

In order to attract and retain the highest quality staff, Camp du Nord requires additional year-round staff housing and we are committed to making improvements to existing staff housing.

As part of our long-term master plan, we are also adding staff housing to Pine Pointe Village.  This expansion will necessitate the creation of infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity and more.

Your donation is tax-deductible. Donating is a great way to support our mission. With the commitment of loyal donors like you, we strengthen families by providing opportunities for individual and family growth, supporting spiritual development and enhancing environmental awareness in a wilderness setting

Priority Registration Opportunities

Gifts to the Capital Campaign totaling $25,000 or more are eligible for special recognition and registration opportunities. 

  • $25,000 - $49,999
    3 years of priority registration*

  • $50,000 - $99,999
    5 years of priority registration*
  • $100,000 - $149,999
    10 years of consecutive priority registration

Contact Camp du Nord for higher levels or for more information. 

*To be used in the next 10 years.