Cabins & Lodging

Each cabin at du Nord has a unique character. From modern conveniences to rustic atmospheres, we have something for everyone. Many families love to try something new each year, and some love the comfort of a favorite place.

The best way to get your favorite cabin is to sign up for the summer lottery, or reserve it for a special vacation getaway in the fall, winter or spring.

  • All cabins have kitchens and a water supply. 
  • All have electricity, with the exception of the platform cabin. 
  • Cabins provide a variety of queen beds, double beds, bunk beds and single beds. 
  • Some of the cabins have bathrooms, while others use biffies and the central shower house. 
  • Platform Tents, Platform Cabin, Auto Tent and Rustic Tent sites have nearby storage for food, refrigeration and running water.

Call 651-645-6605 or email us for questions and reservations. Forms & Publications

du Nord Village

du Nord Village is the original central portion of camp.

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Northland Village

Located in the west part of camp, Northland Village consists of five log cabins.

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Pine Pointe Village

Located in the east part of camp, Pine Pointe is the newest village of cabins at du Nord.

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