du Nord Village

du Nord Village is the original central portion of camp and is home to:

  • 13 unique cabins
  • 2 platform tent sites
  • 1 platform cabin
  • 7 tent sites

Some cabins have three-quarter or half-bathrooms, while others use biffies and the central shower house. The unique character of each cabin also provides a variety of double beds, bunk beds and single beds. Six of the cabins are fully winterized, with both heat and water.

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Thor's Lodge: Sleeps 16, log cabin in the center of camp with wood burning stove, spacious kitchen, 6 bedrooms, deck, 2 baths, handicapped accessible. Beds: 6 full, 4 twin. View tour of Thor's Lodge

Summer: $4,425/wk | Non-Summer: $645/night

Lynx Lodge: Sleeps 14, hand-hewn log cabin with kitchen, 5 bedrooms, fireplace, 2 baths. Beds: 2 queen, 10 twin in bunk and stand alone configurations. View tour of Lynx Lodge

Summer: $4,300/wk | Non-Summer: $570/night

Lunta Loft: Sleeps 10, large kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 alcove bedrooms, 2 baths, fireplace in great room. Beds: 2 queen, 3 bunk. View tour of Lunta Loft

Summer: $3,450/wk | Non-Summer: $435/night

Dane Lodge: Sleeps 10, hand-hewn log cabin with large kitchen, 3 bedrooms upstairs, stone fireplace in great room, half bath. Beds: 2 full, 2 bunk, 2 twin.  View tour of Dane Lodge

Summer: $3,350/wk | Non-Summer: $410/night

Jack's II: Sleeps 7, great room with wood-burning stove, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and sleeping loft, bathroom. Beds: 1 queen, 1 bunk, 3 twin (one of which is a rollout). View tour of Jack's II

Summer: $2,725/wk | Non-Summer: $305/night

Sans Souci: Sleeps 2, (sleeps 4 in the summer) 1 room with kitchen, fireplace and lake view. Beds: 1 full. View photos of Sans Souci

Summer: $1,735/wk | Non-Summer: $100/night

May–September Only

All cabins are scenically located with spectacular lake views and easy access to all activity areas. All cabins have electricity and kitchens. The cabins are near a centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences. Nearby biffies are also available.

The Winds: Sleeps 10, 4 bedrooms, kitchen, wood-burning stove, bathroom, lake view, screened porch. Beds: 2 queen, 2 bunk, 2 long twin. View tour of The Winds

Summer: $3,450/wk | Non-Summer: $380/night

Salt Lick: Sleeps 6, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, fireplace, lake view, screened porch. Beds: 1 full, 2 bunk.  View tour of Salt Lick

Summer: $2,420/wk | Non-Summer: $195/night

North Cove: Sleeps 5, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, full bath, lake view. Beds: 1 full, 1 bunk, 1 twin. View tour of North Cove

Summer: $2,620/wk | Non-Summer: $205/night

Nugget: Sleeps 4, 2 sleeping alcoves, kitchen, fireplace, lake view. Beds: 1 full, 1 bunk. View tour of Nugget

Summer: $2,055/wk | Non-Summer: $120/night

Pilot House: Sleeps 2, 1 room with fireplace, kitchen. The porch extends over the lake offering great views. Bed: 1 full. View tour of Pilot House 

Summer: $1,465/wk | Non-Summer: $100/night

Siam: Sleeps 4, 1 bedroom, kitchen, deck, lake view. Beds: 1 full, 1 bunk. View tour of Siam

Summer: $2,055/wk | Non-Summer: $120/night

Totem: Sleeps 4, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, lake view. Beds: 1 full, 1 bunk. View tour of Totem

Summer: $2,055/wk | Non-Summer: $120/night

Tent Sites & Platform Cabins

Auto Tent Sites
The auto tent sites are conveniently positioned near the center of the camp. There is a centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences. Each site has space for 8 people per site in pop-up trailers or tents. These sites have limited electrical hookups. A picnic table, nearby refrigeration and food storage are available. Campers are allowed to keep vehicles at theses sites. Dishes and cookware are not provided. LOCATED: du Nord Village. Sites: SLIM LAKE, COXEY POND, HEGMAN LAKE & OLE LAKE Summer: $515/wk | Non-Summer: $15/night

Rustic Tent Sites
These beautiful campsites are located near the lake and require that camping equipment be carried to the site. A 12'x16' platform is provided for your tent. Rope is needed to tie down tent. Each site has space for eight people. A picnic table and fire ring are also provided. Biffies are located nearby. There is a centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences. These sites do not have any type of electrical hookups, but there is nearby refrigeration and food storage available. Dishes and cookware are provided. LOCATED: du Nord Village. Sites: BALDY, SENTINELS & DRUIDS Summer: $515/wk | Non-Summer: $15/night

Platform Tent Sites
Each platform tent sleeps 6 and has a covered picnic table area and fire ring. Biffies are located nearby. These camping sites do not have any type of electrical hookups. Nearby refrigeration, food storage, showers and water spigot are available. Each platform tent has 1 double bed and 2 bunk beds. Dishes and cookware are provided by camp. LOCATED: du Nord Village SITES: WOLF AND BEAR Summer: $690/wk | Non-Summer: $40/night

Platform Cabins
Enjoy one of our “off-the-grid” eco-cabins. These newer cabins are simple, yet very comfortable. A screened porch with picnic table and stainless steel table make outdoor cooking a breeze. The sleeping room includes 2 elevated long twin over queen bunk beds. Nearby water spigot, showers, biffies, and refrigeration are available. Solar lanterns and all dishware and cooking utensils are provided. LOCATED: Pine Pointe Village. SITE: LADYSLIPPER, MOOSE, GOSHWAK, BUCK. LOCATED: du Nord Village. SITE: DEER Summer: $690/wk | Non-Summer: $40/night