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Courtney’s welcome

posted on Tue, Jul 11 2017 9:16 am by YMCA Camp Icaghowan

Hello campers and welcome to summer! We are excited to have those of you who are going to be joining us on the Island at camp. I am Courtney Danis, the new Program Director for Camp Icaghowan and am excited for my first summer of campers and staff. I look forward to meeting you all and hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer!

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Michel’s welcome

posted on Tue, Jul 11 2017 9:15 am by YMCA Camp Icaghowan

Hello Icaghowan families and welcome to another adventure filled summer on the shores of Lake Wappogasset. With the first year under my belt, I am excited to kick off 2017 with more knowledge, passion and understanding of what our magical island has to offer. With some exciting program additions like technical tree climbing, horse progressions and camper news, campers are sure to come home with a lot to share. It is our honor to take care of your children this summer and pass on the spirit of both the Venture and Wilderness Units.

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Packing List

posted on Tue, Jul 11 2017 9:13 am by YMCA Camp Icaghowan

As you are gearing up for summer and your sessions on the island, please make sure to reference our handy packing lists for summer camp. Remember a few key things are a flashlight or headlamp and rain jacket for your weeks at camp. Please remember to leave all your electronic at home as you will not need those at camp this summer!

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How to ease the fear of being away from home

posted on Tue, Jul 11 2017 9:11 am by YMCA Camp Icaghowan

Portraits of summer camp showcase sun-splashed children playing sports, swimming, and getting freckles. Not pictured is any sign of anxiety, a natural reaction to a new adventure and a several-week separation. All children experience a mixture of excitement and nervousness when summer camp approaches. For most, excitement trumps nerves, but some children develop anxiety serious enough to get in the way of what should be a fun, formative experience.

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It’s time for camp…but what do my kids need?

posted on Thu, Apr 27 2017 10:49 am by YMCA Camp Icaghowan

So it’s that time of year again, your kids are all registered (or at least you have picked the dates) for them to come to camp, but now what should I send with them, what have they grown out of and what do I need to buy?

Before packing for camp, first check the packing list provided in our Parent Handbook . There may be things like bedding that you'll want to include in your child's gear, and maybe you don’t want them to use the one that matches their set at home.

Next, hit the big items that don’t cost much, our staff’s number one pick…the Headlamp. They sell these at all Outfitting stores, but make sure you don’t go too inexpensive, as often times these don’t end up working for long and your camper ends up in the dark on her way back from the KYBO.

Our second staff pick…a good rain jacket. Now, this does not mean you have to pay over $100, but places like Sierra Trading Post, Target or Kohl’s have some great options. 

For a more detailed packing list check out this great article.

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Calendar of Events

posted on Fri, Jan 13 2017 1:05 pm by YMCA Camp Icaghowan

2017 Upcoming Events

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