Camp Store

Visiting the Camp Store for souvenirs is a camp tradition. Campers make two visits to the store each week, where they can make purchases from their account.

Rather than carrying cash, campers turn in their store money ($30–50 is most common) at the beginning of their session. The money is put into an account, and purchases are deducted as they go. The remaining balance is returned at the end of the session or can be donated to the Camp Icaghowan Scholarship Fund.

Campers receive a snack and drink every afternoon for $1 from their account. Campers in Teen Adventure, WLCs, Pioneers, and Challengers stop at a Dairy Queen after their canoe trip and are given $6 from their account.

Items and Prices

· Icaghowan T-shirt ($10)

· Venture & Wilderness Unit t-shirts ($10)

· Icaghowan sweatshirt ($30)

· Icaghowan sweatpants ($25)

· Icaghowan shirt for tie-dye ($6)

· 100th Anniversary T-shirts ($5)

· Icaghowan knit hats ($9)

· Glow-in-dark Icaghowan pillow case ($7)

· Icaghowan water bottles ($14, $10, $4)

· Single-use camera ($7)

· Icaghowan stuffed animal ($10)

· Icaghowan flashlights ($5)

· Icaghowan post card with stamp ($1)

· Icaghowan magnetic frame for cabin photo ($3)

· Pins for lanyard ($2)

· Poster of aerial photo of Icaghowan Island in tube ($15 - $10 goes to scholarship fund).