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Summer Open House

posted on Mon, Apr 3 2017 12:21 pm by YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

Attending an Open House will give you a glimpse into the experience your child will have this summer at Camp Ihduhapi.

Bring your questions, tour camp and meet the staff.

  • Sunday, June 4, 2017
  • 1-4pm
  • Overnight and Day Camp Tours ongoing
  • Presentations for Overnight Camp held 2-2:30pm & 3-3:30pm

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Ihduhapi Proud to Announce Executive Director, Liz Flinn

posted on Wed, Mar 8 2017 8:29 am by YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

Ihduhapi community, please give a warm welcome to our new Executive Director, Liz Flinn!

Liz comes to Ihduhapi from YMCA Camp Widjiwagan where for the past 11 years she has been responsible for leading one of the strongest Y Adventure Camping Programs in the Country as Executive Director. She is dedicated to creating vibrant community and a fun environment for kids to grow. She is focused on staff development, board development, quality program implementation and collaboration. Liz is already at camp, ready to meet you all this Spring and Summer!

All of us here at camp are so excited for this new chapter in the Ihduhapi story book! We can't wait to see you soon!

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Counting down the days until summer 2017!

posted on Wed, Mar 8 2017 8:27 am by YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

That’s exactly what Siobhan has been doing since the day she left Camp Ihduhapi last summer. Leaving her pillow and blankets behind, she just knew she would be returning for another summer! Siobhan is originally from New Zealand, and currently lives in the U.K. – we’re excited to welcome her back!

Along with some familiar faces, there will also be new staff joining the Ihduhapi crew this summer from all over the world! Lizzy will be one of the Wranglers joining us from South Africa where she has experience training baby lions! I’m sure she will fit in just fine with Prince, Toothless, and the rest of the horse herd. Amy is from Australia and she will be rockin’ out as the Arts and Crafts Director. Her energy is sure to inspire all of us! Andreas from Germany, Sean from the U.K., Mateus from Brazil, and many other international staff will hold highly important roles as cabin counselors this summer.

Summer staff are the heart of our summer camp. They are much more than cabin counselors; they are role models, friends, leaders, mentors, newcomb champions, superheroes, and more. They empower our youth, encourage independence, teach character development, and inspire confidence. We’re honored to have such a strong and growing international presence at Ihduhapi, from which our campers gain cultural awareness, inclusion, and perspective.

Ihduhapi wouldn’t be the special place it is today without our amazing staff, and for that we cannot thank them enough. To close, here is a note written by a return counselor, Jaena, to new counselors:

Counselors, for all of you that it's your first year here at Ihduhapi I want you to know one thing, that this place changes people. It changes you and you won't realize until that last week where you are sitting here at closing campfire possibly bawling your eyes out because you don't want to leave behind all of your friends who have turned into your family. I started off last summer thinking that I was going to have a fun summer back at camp. I walked in knowing nobody and never being here before and I walked out of the last campfire last year realizing that I would never really leave camp and camp would never actually leave me. I have a very literal mark that I love Ihduhapi on my arm, but it has left such a larger mark on my heart. Camp is a beautiful place that lives on in not only the staff, but it lives on in the campers. The campers who will be here this summer and were here last year, and will continue to be here next year. Without all of us here Ihduhapi is just a bunch of cabins, trees, and a lake that are beautiful to look at, but when you add all of the staff and campers this place becomes beautiful and so much more alive. So keep continuing to make this home of ours forever beautiful.

Whether it’s for the first time or the fiftieth time, we can’t wait to welcome you to Camp Ihduhapi this summer! We look forward to making new friends, trying new activities, telling stories at campfire, and soaking in beautiful sunsets, stars, and memories!

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Day Camp Update

posted on Wed, Mar 8 2017 8:25 am by YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

We are excited to launch a new specialty camp this summer at Day Camp Ihduhapi. The new specialty camp is called Outdoor Living Skills.

Campers will develop their outdoor living skills in this exciting, hands on specialty camp! Campers will discover the finer points of preparing for a big outdoor adventure. Activities may include building a fire, making camp shelters, knot tying, campfire cooking, and more!

It is going to be available for campers enter grades 4-6 and will be available to weeks of June 19th, July 10th, and August 7th.

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Camp All Year Round

posted on Wed, Mar 8 2017 8:23 am by YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

When people think of camp the think of summer. Blue skies, green trees, campers everywhere, and experiences that stick with you for the rest of your life. At Ihduhapi summer may fade away but the people and the experiences keep on going.

Our team building program has been continuing those things that have made camp so powerful for over 22 years. And in that time have worked with well over a hundred and fifty thousand people in our team building program.

I am always amazed when I am out in communities or other programs and people run up and say “you’re that guy!!”. I laugh and ask “I am… I take it you have been to Ihduhapi before”. They light up and the story typical goes that they came here when they were in middle school “Years ago” and remember the fun and they had in our program and most of the time they were here less than a day. Having to jump of a leap of faith of one of our other 14 climbing events, or just stayed on the ground and worked on becoming a stronger group. It is interesting to think about how many school field trips or work outings you remember well that lasted less than a day that you can remember that well.

What I am trying to get at is there is a power to camp, a power that allows us to connect people to place stronger than almost anywhere else weather it is summer, fall, winter, or spring. It is a power that comes from play and laughter, it comes from leaps of faith and an openness of heart, and most of all it comes from people and experiences that make camp what it is.

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Calendar of Events

posted on Fri, Jan 13 2017 10:24 am by YMCA Camp Ihduhapi

2017 Upcoming Events

  • Easter Egg Hunt | April 15
  • Prairie Burn | September 16
  • Alumni Reunion | December 27
  • Yukon Days | December 28-29

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