The Outdoor Education classes at Camp Ihduhapi focus on engaged and immersive learning - from building forts in the woods, to tree identification, to working with model windmills. Our hands-on approach gives students the chance to fully interact with the physical world. 

In addition to content focused learning, we incorporate aspects of Social Emotional Learning in all we do. This model gives students tools that help build confidence, interpersonal skills, and empathy. 


Using the same equipment and practices as the National Archery in Schools Program, students will get an opportunity to learn the basics of archery, a great outdoor skill. 


This class focuses on the basics of map and compass use. Students will get a chance to complete our orienteering course by finding a number of points located around camp, putting into practice what they've learned. 

Canoeing Skills (Fall, Spring)

Learn basic canoe skills on the beautiful Lake Independence. Spend a couple hours developing your C, J, and Power stroke. It's a skill that can last a lifetime!

Alternative Energy

In this highly active, STEM focused, all-play, groups strategize and make decisions on energy resource utilization, collection and management. Played over several rounds the game challenges the groups to move their villages towards more renewable energy choices. 

Forest Studies

Students will learn the internal and external structures of plants and trees, how they grow, and their nutritional needs. While on a hike through different forest habitats, students will learn of the importance of various plants, animals, and trees in the forest ecosystem.

Predator & Prey

This game of ultimate survival tag is a fun and exciting way for students to learn the intricacies of a food chain and the basic needs for survival by assuming the roles of various animals within the environment. Survival depends on understanding the predator-prey relationship and overcoming "limiting factors" within the environment. 

Wilderness Survival

Learn valuable survival skills and strategies that will get you through the direst circumstances. Students get the chance to build fires and shelters to 'survive' in the wilderness.