Climbing Events and High Ropes Courses

Push yourself and your team on one of our 14 exciting and challenging climbing events.

Our climbing events are designed to push you and your group out of their comfort zone and off into excitement and growth.

Climbing Tower

  • 2 - 45ft climbing walls
  • Team belayed
  • Climb together
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Vertical Challenge

  • 40ft tower
  • Vertical obstacle course
  • Make it to the top with your partner

Leap Of Faith

  • Jump from the top of a 25ft Pillar
  • Supported by your team
  • Push yourself to greatness
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Commitment Bridge

  • Travel across with a partner
  • Builds trust
  • Team belayed
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Giant Ladder

  • Climb a ladder left behind by giants
  • Help your partner to the top
  • Every step is a new challenge
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Circuit Courses and Giant Zip

  • Travel around obstacles 35ft off the ground
  • Cruse hundreds of feet on our zip lines
  • Challenge yourself in new and exciting ways

High Ys

  • Each event takes approximately 3 hours to complete
  • Grades 5 and up
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