Adult Wilderness Adventures

For Ages 18+

Jealous of your camper's Menogyn adventures? Looking to revisit the wilderness of your own Menogyn camping days?

Menogyn now offers wilderness adventure trips for adults, ages 18 and up. During the past few years, Menogyn has sent adult trips worldwide, ranging from the mountains of New Zealand to the canoe country right in our back yard. Trips are open to adults of all ages and experience levels and are led by experienced Menogyn trail guides.

For more information about Menogyn's adult programs, please contact the Menogyn directors at (763) 479-1146 or

Mother and Daughter Canoe Trip

July 31 – August 4, 2016

A special opportunity for mothers and daughters to share a wilderness canoe trip together. During this five day session you will prepare for and then enjoy a guided three day, wo night small group canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. No prior experience or special equipment needed. This is also a great chance to experience a real Menogyn session, including an opening day campfire, a welcome back from trail, sauna, banquet, and closing campfire. For mothers of any age and daughters 12-18.

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